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Yacuma Pampas
To few kilometers from Rurrenabaque, the Amazon rainforest disappears, resulting in a region dominated by tropical grasslands ecosystems.
Here lays the town of Santa Rosa del Yacuma, who since 2007 have created the Municipal Protected Area "Pampas del Yacuma" with the main purpose to preserve endemic species as pink dolphins, Lucachis monkey and the Blue throated Macaw among other species.
Here you can see a variety of birds, aquatic and semiaquatic species such as caiman, turtles, amphibians and the bolivian pink dolphin sub species.
These plains, kingdom of the anaconda, hide a range of natural wonders ,only seen in the Yacuma pampas. Along the river Yacuma, we find the gallery forests inhabited by several species of primates, where parrots and other birds have their right place for nesting.
Our tours are focused on respectful unveiling of these delicate ecosystems minimizing negative effects to the environment, allowing visitors to be part of responsible tourism, with experienced local guides and quality service to make this experience comfortable and memorable .According to our personalized service concept,we use to take small groups of visitors (2-6 pax).
Our Packages in this area are:
Pr-Tucan Pr-Chichilo Full Day
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