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The Madidi National Park
The Madidi National Park is characterized by large number of watersheds, especially headwaters, located in areas of high rainfall and high soil fragility for the steep slopes. It consists of the rivers Tuichi Quendeque Madidi and Beni basin and rivers Heat and Madre de Dios basin.
One of the main rivers in the plains is the Madidi,for the sediments which from the mountains forms an extensive alluvial fan, which averages about 400 meters above sea level.
The climate is diverse, ranging from the cold in the Andes, temperate lands intermediate to warm in the northern lowlands.with highest temperatures ranging 31- 33 ° C between October and January and 20 °-29 C between March and September.
The National National Park is mainly characterized as one of the most biodiverse parks,of the planet for its flora and fauna and ecoregions as it goes from the perpetual snow to the tropical lowlands , harboring ethnic communities in its territory.
It was declared by National Geographic as one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet and one of the 20 most interesting destinations worldwide.
Our Packages in this area are:
Trekking Tour to Community Waterfall
Madidi Expeditions
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